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First Three Chapter Checklist

All the things your first three chapters should include and some of the things it shouldn’t.

First Three Chapter Checklist

Ten common mistakes beginner writers make and how to fix them.

So You Want to Write Fiction

A Fiction 101 Workshop designed to introduce (or review) the basic elements of fiction writing: Point of View, Tense, Show vs Tell, Dialogue, Sensory Description, Conflict, and more. This workshop will be limited to 20 writers each session.

8 Weeks

First Three Chapter Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll dive deeper into all the elements of our First Three Chapter Checklist. We’ll start with learning the principles of good feedback, then workshop our first three chapters together. This course also includes the checklist and strengths and weaknesses feedback from Veronica.

6 weeks

First Three Chapter Technical Assessment

Maybe you don’t have time for a workshop. Or you want more in-depth feedback on yoru first three chapters including feedback on tone, pacing, and dialogue. This high-level feedback (typically 2-3 pages) includes strengths and weaknesses, writing technique assessment, and resources to improve your writing technique. I’ll also include revision cheat sheets for you to use during your revision process.

Developmental Overview

You’ve finished your book, self-edited, workshopped, and now you want an editor to take a look at it. A developmental overview provides high-level feedback on everything from writing technique and plot development to character arcs, pacing, voice, style, and more. This feedback is typically 7-10 pages long and includes resources for improving your writing technique and cheat sheets to use during your revision process.

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