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Not every editor is the right editor for every writer. Send me your first chapter (or your first ten pages) and I’ll send you a developmental and substantive edit overview for free so you can get a feel for the kind of feedback you can expect from me.

Email your pages in a Word document to sample (at) veronicajorden (dot) com. Be sure to include your genre, title, and word count of your book.

Developmental Overview


You’ve finished your first draft and but you need some feedback to help focus your revisions. A Developmental Overview will focus on the big picture. Is the plot engaging? Do your characters resonate? Are there any major structural issues? Is the story compelling? This overview includes ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Full Developmental Edit

Rate: $.015 – $.03 per word

Developmental editing is essentially the baking of your book. It’s an evaluation of the quality and quantity of your story’s ingredients – plot, characters, hook, conflict, rising action, climax, and structure. A Full Developmental Edit will identify weaknesses in your story, highlight your strengths, and identify structural inconsistencies and deficiencies. Feedback includes notes within the manuscript and a summary overview broken out by chapter and character.

Substantive Edit

Rate: $.02 per word

Once your cake is baked and stacked, it’s time to fill and frost it…or in other words, to focus on the language of your story. A substantive edit is a line-by-line edit that focuses on use of language, sentence variety, pacing, transitions and dialogue. This feedback includes extensive in-manuscript notes, suggested rewrites, and a summary overview.

Ready to get started? Feel free to send your first ten pages to sample (at) veronicajorden (dot) com or tell me more about your project using the form below.

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