They require the best ingredients mixed in the correct proportions to turn out right.

Let’s work together to make your book so good readers devour every page.


My Services

Developmental Overview

Feedback on your first draft designed to help focus your revisions.

Developmental Editing

Evaluation of a book’s most important ingredients: plot, characters, and conflict.

Substantive Editing

Line edits focused on word usage, language, pacing, flow, transitions, and dialogue.

Does Your Book Have the Right Ingredients?

No one ever fell in love with a book because of all of its perfectly placed commas or the author’s impeccable grammar. It’s not the mechanics of writing that keep readers up late for just one more chapter. It’s the deliciousness of the story.

And while no good book is made with the exact same recipe as another, the basic ingredients are the same: a compelling plot combined with memorable characters and that unique flavor each author brings to their writing.

If you’re looking for an editor, and you’re ready to bake up the best possible version of your story, allow me to introduce myself…

Veronica did an incredible job on my developmental overview! She helped get my novel headed in the right direction and brought me one step closer to publishing. She highlighted my strengths while pointing out my shortcomings and offered some amazing advice along the way. If you have any questions about the direction of your book or strength of your characters she’s the person to ask! I will be using her services again!

Ariel A.


I approached Veronica Jorden for a developmental overview of my work-in-progress, a contemporary YA mythological fantasy.  She isolated my strengths and weaknesses with ease and was spot on.  
Mel T.